Humans. We aren’t meant to sit at a desk all day. Every day. Prolonged sitting isn’t normal. However, we all need to work, in order to survive. Many of us sit at a desk each day, right? It’s important to break up prolonged sitting with simple desk exercises.

Simple Desk Exercises to break up prolonged sitting

Break up prolonged sitting with simple desk exercises


Yep. When I learned to do a proper squat, my trainer told me “imagine you’re getting ready to sit down, but you don’t at the last minute.” My trainer even put a bench behind me, to trick my brain into doing the squats correctly. After training my brain, and the bench taken away, my squats are spot-on.

Use your desk chair to trick yourself into doing perfect squats, and break up sitting all day whilst working those glutes! For real. It gets you moving, plus, you’ll be the envy of everyone wishing for a killer backside!

Here’s the perfect YouTube video to show you how to do a desk chair squat!

Quad Stretch

Again, your chair is your friend. Just, don’t sit in it for quad stretches! Get up, grab the back of your chair, or steady yourself with your desk, and…. just watch this video on how to do a quad stretch at your desk. It’s far easier than me trying to explain it.

YouTube video on How to do a quad stretch at your desk

Standing Hamstring Curls

Sitting all day tightens all your muscles up. Standing up, and doing some Standing Hamstring Curls helps stretch out the hamstrings, plus it gets your butt up out of the desk chair. If you sit in a chair with wheels, don’t use the chair for this exercise. Maybe, use your desk, or a filing cabinet that’s a little higher? Just find something sturdy! No one wants to fall at work whilst attempting to move your body.

Check out this YouTube video showing super simple instructions on how to do a Standing Hamstring Curls.

Desk Push Ups

Push ups at work seem crazy. Who wants to place their hands on a disgusting office floor, right? No worries. Use your desk to do your push ups. I’m assuming your desk is far cleaner than the office floor. If not, it’s a lot easier to clean than the floor, so grab your cleaning supplies and get to work on your desk push ups.

In order to do them correctly, and with the right form, I’ve gone ahead on found a great tutorial for desk push ups on YouTube!

Tricep Desk Dips

Again, you’re using your desk to get your body moving. It might was well be used to improve your health, not just your bank account, right? Remember, humans weren’t created to sit at desks all day, and we have to make sure to keep our bodies moving all day. Whether you’re first starting out, or a little more advanced, in your body moving goals… well, this video shows you beginner, slightly more advanced, and advanced techniques for Tricep Desk Dips.

Knee Bends

It’s difficult to sit on conference calls, right? I find them to be the worst part of my work day. Instead of sitting, slouched over, wishing it was over already, do some knee bends! You’ll pass the time, plus, keep your body moving, without having to stand up. My headphone cord doesn’t stretch far enough to move around much whilst on conference calls, so following this Knee Bend YouTube instructional video is perfect for me.

Keep your body moving

Whether you choose to do these six simple desk exercises, or want to find different ones, just promise to keep your body moving during the course of your work day. It’s important to take breaks throughout the day, to keep your body and mind, healthy. Heck, get up every 20 minutes and do jumping jacks. Doesn’t matter. Just MOVE, get the blood flowing, and clear your mind. It can only help your mind, body and soul.

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