Growing your business mastermind with Broadcast Broads is where you want to be. We decided to create this mastermind after realizing many big bloggers do NOT reveal the whole truth when it comes to how they’re growing their business. They only share this information with a select few.

Why join the Broadcast Broads Mastermind?

Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich created the “mastermind” concept around 75 years ago. In the book, he pointed out the most successful people throughout history had a personal “Board of Advisors” helping them reach their goals. In essence, a mastermind group is designed to help each member of the group navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

Growing your business mastermind run down


To help members reach their goals through brainstorming, guidance, peer accountability, and support.

Member Requirements: 

  • A strong desire for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.
  • A strong desire to use your wisdom, insight, and life experiences, to help others experience growth.


  • Confidentiality: what happens in this mastermind group, stays in this mastermind group.
  • Commitment: Do NOT join if you don’t think you will participate.
  • Respect: willing to respect each other’s ideas, as well as each other’s opinions.

How will you benefit?

Accountability: simply stating your goals, along with your objectives, to a group that WILL hold you accountable for your stated result can have the kind of pull to keep you focused on meeting your goals.
Joint Ventures: many mastermind group members form strategic business relationships, bringing additional revenue streams, as well as growth opportunities.
Insights: a group comprised of people from different backgrounds, as well as industries, helps fill gaps in your own knowledge. It also provides clear-cut help.
Resources: we all come from different backgrounds, and have varying skills. With that in mind, group members may very well end up loaning, as well as providing, resources and introductions to help you get to the next level in your business.
New perspectives: having someone from outside your niche question your long-held beliefs, or suggest innovations from a new point of view, can prove very helpful.
Support: as a group forms a close, common bond, this results in a great place to go for support when you have a troubling business issue.
Energy: simply having a team that understands your objectives, and helps you celebrate your wins, is energizing.

How much does it cost?

$10/month with a 3-month commitment.

Ready to sign up? 

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