Have you filed your taxes yet? If you are a blogger living in the United States, who is earning money from their blog, then you will have to file a tax return. The good thing to note though is that bloggers can benefit from a variety of tax deductions. Though we are not tax professionals, here are some common tax deductions for bloggers that we’ve been able to claim in the past. Remember to check with your own tax professional to make sure that the deductions you take are suitable for your personal situation.

Eight potential tax deductions for bloggers


Tax deductions for bloggers


If you buy equipment that you use exclusively for your blog, you might be able to deduct the cost from taxable income. Examples include cameras, computers, modems, routers, monitors, PC upgrades, and software.

Office Space

Bloggers who have dedicated home offices are sometimes eligible to deduct various living expenses. Deductible costs can include a part of your electric, heating fuel, and rent or mortgage payments.


Advertising expenses are almost always deductible. Such costs range from contest giveaways to pay-per-click ads on search engines. The same goes for magazine advertisements, sponsored Twitter or Facebook posts and promotional products with your blog’s logo on them.

Membership Fees

Some bloggers maintain memberships in relevant organizations, such as the Association of Food Bloggers or the Professional Travel Bloggers Association. These groups often charge membership fees. These fees are usually deductible.

Travel Expenses

Do you attend conferences related to blogging? You may be able to deduct some of the expenses you incurred to attend. Eligible expenses include lodging, transportation, food and the cost of the ticket needed to gain entry to the conference.

Internet Access

Most bloggers need to pay monthly fees for internet access. This cost is deductible, but you may only claim the portion you use for business purposes. Estimate how many hours you use the internet to create blog entries and how much time you devote to personal use.

Office Supplies

You will probably qualify to claim the money you spend on work-related office supplies. Some examples include the cost of business card printing if you use the cards to promote your blog. In addition, if you send prizes to readers, the same goes for packing tape, bubble wrap, and mailing envelopes.

Miscellaneous Blog Related Expenses

The expenses related to creating and maintaining a blog are usually deductible. It may also be possible to subtract the payments associated with domain registration, web hosting, plug-ins and stock photos.

Keep in mind that the government only permits these deductions when it considers blogging to be a genuine business. Therefore, you won’t be able to claim these deductions if your blog is merely a hobby. However, if you devote substantial time to blogging and make a profit, it is probably a real business.

Again, we recommend consulting with an experienced tax professional before claiming any deductions. Because they are highly experienced, they can assess your personal situation and make recommendations based on the facts and any documentation you present to them.

Do you know of any other tax deductions for bloggers? Share them below!