Human beings aren’t meant to sit all day, in front of a computer screen. It’s not what we’re made for. However, it’s what many of us do every day. If you’re like me, by the end of the day, your head hurts, and your eyes are ready to give up on life. As someone who was sick of eye pain, I incorporated a few tricks to help alleviate eye strain caused by my computer screen.

battling eye strain caused by your computer screen

Excellent tips for battling eye strain

Let’s face it. Working on a computer all day strains your eyes. It’s just a fact of life. Not only aren’t we made for looking at computer screens all day, we’re also not meant to look at laptops, tablets, or phones, all day, either. However, many of us have to work in order to pay for things. To help combat some of the eye strain, check out a couple of tips helping me keep my eye strain less…. straining.

Eye exam

First, I get a yearly eye exam. Back in 2004, I had LASIK done to correct my vision. Eye exams have been a part of my yearly routine ever since the surgery. It keeps me ahead of the game when it comes to eye issues. My vision is still 20/20, but being in front of a computer all day, definitely bothers my eyes. However, it hasn’t caused permanent damage, thank goodness. If your eyes are in pain, or irritated, or dry, definitely get to the eye doctor to have them checked. It can only help!

Take short breaks

Look away from the computer. Simple advice, right? However, most of us never remember to take small breaks throughout the day. Set a timer, and make sure when it goes off, you save what you’re working on and LOOK AWAY from the computer screen. All it takes is 20 seconds of time looking at something in the distance, usually every 20 minutes. Small amount of time for BIG benefits.

The key is setting a timer to remind yourself to look away from the screen. Even better, incorporate desk exercises into some of those breaks to make them last a little longer, and benefit not just your eyes, but your entire body!

Adjust your desk set-up

Keyboard in front of your monitor. The top of your monitor should be at eye level, and tilt it up, so you’re looking down at your monitor. Sounds odd, and most of us don’t do this. It’s something I still haven’t gotten used to, but I do a lot of horrible things at my desk. As I write this, my body is contorted into a pretzel shape, which is terrible for my back, and posture, as well as my eyes.

Don’t do what I’m doing. I do have my keyboard in front of my monitor, though, so I’ve that going for me!

If you’re using reference material, make sure it’s next to your monitor, so you’re not looking down at it. Every time you look down, your eyes have to adjust and can cause eye strain. Instead, get something to clip up the reference materials, so you just have to shift your eyes to the side, and not down.

Play with the monitor settings

Monitors shouldn’t be too bright, and need to be properly lit with a desk lamp. No fluorescent lighting. Take out a sheet of white paper. If the white paper, and your monitor, are the same brightness, you’re good. If your monitor is brighter than your paper, adjust your monitor. Adjusting the monitor is something that depends on the light in your office, or home. If you’ve huge windows, shining natural light onto your computer monitor in the morning, but once night comes, that light is gone…. it’s going to be annoying to adjust the monitor all the time.

There are monitors that adjust automatically, or, close those blinds and shades, and get a great desk lamp, so you’re always perfectly lit! Lit with light, not “lit” with alcohol, of course.


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