Achieving work life balance doesn’t have to be out of reach. STOP LAUGHING. It’s true. Let’s be real, you may not have balance every day, but you can achieve it for most of your days.

Achieving work life balance doesn't have to be out of reach


Achieving work life balance doesn’t have to be out of reach

Here’s a secret many people don’t understand: each person in this world needs to figure out what success means to her, or him. Once you hash this out, you’ll be able to find a bit more peace, and find a work life balance. Some people believe success is money, and having financial freedom. Other people believe success is being able to travel the world, and have no material possessions. There are people who believe success is raising children who will change the world.

Another little secret many don’t know, or don’t acknowledge: your desired work life balance will never be the same as someone else’s.

Know what your definition of success is

Success is what you want it to be. Again, success for some means tons of money in the bank, and owning a mansion. Others define success as having a roof over their heads, and food on their table. And there are some who define success as being a parent who is able to be home for her kids while working from home. Know what your definition of success is, because if you don’t define it, you’ll never know how to achieve a work life balance.

Learn to let perfection go

Nothing is ever perfect. If you wait to start your business until you have the perfect business plan, you’ll never get your business started. Waiting to start a family until you have the perfect home, with the great backyard and 2.5 bathrooms, you’ll never start your family. Let the perfection go. We’re human, and perfect isn’t what being human is about. Embrace this fact, and get your plans started.

Once you’ve got your plans started, remind yourself again you are human, and perfection isn’t in our DNA. Finish the report, put it away, and get up from your desk to take a walk in the sunshine. It’s done, it’s not perfect, but it’s your best effort and it’s going to be just fine.

Only have one bedroom, but twins are on the way? Doesn’t matter. Enjoy being pregnant and preparing for the arrivals, because those kids don’t care about the room assignments. Trust me.

Basically, let perfection go. Life will be much easier to balance when you do.

Make sure you unplug OFTEN (A.K.A.┬ádon’t get sucked into Facebook)

Big list of things to get done, and Facebook pulls you into some political back and forth. Every last one of us has done this. When it happens once in a while, it’s fine. Every day occurrences of this kind will unravel your efforts for achieving a work life balance. Work never gets done, and that list grows, and your day is ruling you, instead of you ruling your day.

UNPLUG. Let the distractions go. Have designated times to check email, social media, phone messages, and then stick to the designated times. Focus on the plan of the day, so you control your day, because it’ll mean you’ll have that time to spend with your more desired “life” activities. It means a more balanced work life experience.

Ask for help from family and friends

Stop thinking you have to do everything all on your own. It’s a control thing. It also goes hand-in-hand with letting go of perfection. When you feel like you’re the only one that can do something right, or your way is the right way, you’re setting yourself up to never achieve a work life balance.

Ask for help from family, friends and colleagues. Allow them to do things their way, and let go of the need to have them done your way. Your husband wants to make lunches for the kids, let him. So what if he doesn’t wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap and just throws them into the sandwich holder. It’s his way, and the lunches are packed. Let him know it’s his job to clean the container later. See? Work life balance.

Work is overwhelming, and your kids have three thousand activities to do after school? Let a friend help out. It took me years to allow a fellow parent to drive my children home from activities, or to activities. I felt like I could control their safety if I was the one doing the driving. Letting go of this need for perfection, and control, allows my work life balance to blossom.

Carve out “alone” time

Doesn’t matter what your “alone” time entails. Love to meditate? Awesome. Prefer to work out at the gym, go get it done. Maybe a long walk, while listening to music, is more your thing? Perfect. A long weekend away to sit on the beach, and drink cocktails sound perfect to you? Go get it girl. Or go get it boy. Whomever you are, just go get it. Get your “alone” time to reset yourself, and clear your mind from the cobwebs.

Work life balance doesn’t have to be out of reach

Take ownership of your goals, and define your own success and it’ll help you on your path to achieving work life balance. Let go of perfection, it doesn’t exist. Ask for help, because no man is an island. Finally, always make sure you have alone time, so you can get your groove back, or keep the groove grooving. PS – Step away from all those distractions, and unplug. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter can suck time from you, and before you know it, it’s midnight and you’ve got a load of Pinterest crafts you’ll never do, but insist you’ll get to “one of these days.”