Meet the broads behind Broadcast Broads

Staci-Broadcast Broads Co-Founder

Staci, Co-Founder

Staci is the Long Island, New York mastermind behind At, she helps others stop wasting time, and money. Her many years in marketing, as well as her no-holds barred writing style, are ready to be shared. Plus, years of working within the blog, and social media industry, provides a chance to share her knowledge with the Broadcast Broads community.



Diane-Broadcast Broads Co-Founder

Diane, Co-Founder

Diane is the creator of, where she provides tips and tricks to help others juggle life more efficiently, to allow for a happier, less stressful existence. Her many years in the blog world has provided her with a vast amount of wisdom she’s sharing with the Broadcast Broads community.



Jen Rattie - Broadcast Broads

Jen, Partner

Jen is a seasoned blogger living in the Chicagoland area who writes about food, health, technology, and her crazy, chaotic life with three children on her website She has been blogging for 9+ years, has grown up with social media and is ready to pass along her extensive experience with the Broadcast Broads community.


Staci, Diane and Jen write at each of their respective websites,, and Please, visit each of these websites to learn even more about them.